Where did the rotate option go? Am I missing something? It used to be on top of the window around each object and now isn’t there. Does it toggle on and off now?


Only works for vector graphics right now.


Ah, ok, Thanks. Did it worked for traced objects recently?


That, I cannot answer. Hadn’t tried, but I see it does not work for me right now.


I’ve been doing a lot of vector stuff lately and can’t remember if rotate was available on the traces I did when I got the machine. Well, I hope they add it.


Rotate for vector graphics only has always been this way. Rotating for bitmaps is in the hopper.


Thanks for the answer @scatterbrains and @cynd11!

And I’ve passed along the request @bycolesets to the team.

If have any other questions, go ahead and post a new topic or write to Thanks for asking about this!

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