Rotation before printing?

In the latest video, which was awesome(thanks so much!), the surface being worked on is intentionally off angle. Can the cloud software have an option to auto square up the design before applying it?


I was wondering about this, too. Auto-align and auto-center would be awesome of course, but even just the ability to pull guide lines down, rotate design elements manually, etc. would be huge.

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I had been so eager to see them rotate for the first time ever, until I realized it was a single time cut and a circle to boot, so rotating wasn’t necessary at all.

Still waiting to see it, hence my hope for far more in the series, and more allowing the users to choose projects.

Also curious if the software has any kind of auto-placement to optimize material consumption. (Meaning if you do a cut of many small pieces, it aligns them as close to one another as possible to minimize material consumed). I know packing problems are some of the most complex math issues possible, but even a rough-shod version done by a computer is likely superior to anything a human will pull off with drag and drop.

Great suggestion! Will put it in the hopper. We don’t have it on that build, but it’ll also be possible to rotate the design (as well as resize).


Packing features = requested, thanks!

@dan not to put more things on your plates nor does it have to be now. But how about A trello or similar open to the public feature request list and or roadmap. I personally don’t mind waiting until the official release until that becomes public but I know you guys are being very open and I thank you for it. Plus us community goes and push people to that page when someone asks for something that’s already being thought about. Jack out