Router bit holder or what happens when you run out of light


So I’ve made several of these using cnc and was planning to do the same with this one as I need to get to know the Shaper better and needed another one to accommodate my growing inventory.
Well, I got talking to my wife and ran myself out of light but didn’t want to delay the project so I switched gears and designed it for the :glowforge: .

This is a testament to both Fusion 360 and the :glowforge: , done on 1/4" draftboard with nylon inserts and magnets at the bottom of the inserts. This holds both the tools and the unit to a toolbox or other metal cabinet.


I like it! (And I’m about to take some time to do much of the same thing.) :sunglasses::+1:


Well of course we want to see when you do.


Nice solution using the magnetic base, that really makes this handy.


Yeah, they really save space that way but I’m getting enough things like this that I am starting to need more vertical space that is steel.


I love the practical solutions!


The Glowforge will organize our worlds! Very nice!!


Yes the magnet that both holds the tool and holds the tool holder is genius. I would start hanging steel shelves on a wall (or even on the side of steel shelving) flat site out and fill that with magnetic tool holders if able to do that.

I just realized I have the countertop of an old water heater that is like an old stove top without the burners with the splash at the back but with the splash as the bottom is a beautiful white surface of enameled steel for using magnets just that way!


As already said, genius on the magnets and the nylon too. Much jealous about the Shaper! No international options yet :sob:


Great solution man!


Love the magnet idea for both the tools and holding the unit to the toolbox!