Rowmark - Bag Tags

Rowmark bag tags for a local skating club. E (1000/20) C (150/50) Thanks everyone for posting about this product. quickly shipped the sheets and it is such an easy product to use. There was some some blue residue on the edges of the white but it easily wiped off with GooGone…which of course gave them a nicer orange smell!

Take a look at how off the cuts were compared to the app! Should have used Snapmarks.


Have you seen the post on the new calibration feature? If not, you’re missing out!!!


I just realized that this is going to be a lot like the other posts that will be buried. Hopefully the new machines will link to this calibration in the setup. I’d say it would be good for the factory to calibrate them, but it wouldn’t account for all the variations in where the machine is being placed, such as unlevel tables or tables that can be moved so, unlevel floors as well.

Cool you brought that material up, I hadn’t seen it before, just goes to show that posts will continually get buried or forgotten!


Wait, which material is this? The link is to a shop with lots of materials, looks like?

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I’m guessing it may be the two tone acrylic? Like white over blue. I’ve been using the two tone black over clear for a project. Pretty sure it’s extruded…it has a ‘high smell factor’, but works as it should for engraving. Took me a few tests to get the settings figured out.

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Sorry should have added in what it was. This stuff is amazing:


I am looking into the calibration. Was hoping there was something else I could do and that someone would post it! Thank you.


It would be a good candidate for @dan to pin to Announcements since it’s one that everyone will care about.


With the dust still on, they looked airbrushed.


I know…I kinda liked the blue haze but then I cleaned them all. They look better cleaned up.

Calibrated…we will see how it goes on my next print. Thanks for the info!

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Like the look … Will have to try the two tone sometime.

Used to buy a lot of engraved 2-tone tags for electrical panels on my last job. So, when I see this material … I think tags.

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How many lines per inch are you using with the LaserMax? I just engraved some and the default was super blurry.

Engrave - Speed 1000 / Power 20
Cut - Speed 150 / Power 53


Very cool! (Shifted that to the Beyond the Manual section where the settings information is kept.)

I played around with the settings a little more for another project (Crew Member Reunion for the Aircraft Carrier I work for - name badges) az99EVxvQ6qpXJoh5ZOxOQ_thumb_14dba|500x500 :
Engrave: 1000/35 - (much sharper)
Cut: 150/60 (lower did not cut cleanly - this worked better - still sticky but can be leaned off with Rubbing Alcohol)
Going to try engraving: 1000/15


Oh Lord-i just got my glowforge and i am already in trouble (jut kidding) the ideas this type of two tone Acrylic gives me…LOL…I do have a question…Are you engraving the back or front?

This type of material is engraved from the front. The top color layer is generally very thin. There are exceptions of course: color+clear versions are available that would be reverse engraved, and there are 3-layered versions that are meant to be front-engraved but from both sides.

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With an engraving


Thank you for these settings! I’m trying LaserMax now… we’ll see>