Rowmark ColorShop Woods



I’ll take a close up tomorrow…you can still see the grain which is nice. Using a sponge applicator and thinned paint helps…and working fast to smudge it all on before it dries or seeps in too much in one area…


I have sprayed watered down acrylic paint with good results, but I I like your sponge idea better. Sounds much easier. :grin:


I try not to water down the acrylic with, well, water…lol. Createx pearlized paint is thinner than the craft paint so mixing it gives me a good consistency that glides over the wood and slowly seaps in…too much water and the color grabs to fast and gets blotchy.

Here’s a closer up in sunlight…


OK. That’s reasonable. It is genius… I should know… I do a dumbed down version of that.
Just craft paint.
So they’re selling pre-painted ply? I thought that at least the pigment went through or something… Infused with color or ColorShop TM sounds so much better than Big Box Baltic Birch Pre-Painted Ply, though.


I don’t know for sure, but I’ll let you know when my samples come in…:wink:


i don’t know how much i’ll be interested in it for personal use. but for professional use at work? i’d rather the company pay for it prepainted than have to try to paint/stain wood in the office model shop. ours is rather small and i have no outdoor space to work in.


I don’t paint mine outside since I’m using acrylic…no smell/fumes.

I just checked on pricing…$17 for a 12" x 24" sheet!! That doesn’t include clear coat or masking!!

Holy cow! I get my BB for $3.50 for 12"x30"

I’ll sell colored sheets to anyone not wanting to color themselves for $15 ea…lmao. With masking! Plus shipping…


if i showed you what our model shop looked like, you’d understand. it’s not about fumes as much as it is workspace. especially once we start working on a model. and we were lucky to steal that much space in the new office build. today’s emphasis on electronic documents, no storage, and 150sf per employee makes things like a model shop a luxury at best.

hell, if i had to do a bunch of stuff like that, i’d just bring materials home and work from home the next day. it would be easier.


Smart, smart, smart… :wink:




Yup! I have lots since I use it elsewhere for my business…gives a good consistency with the cheaper craft paint. Lol


I’ll give it a try. I thin my acrylics to flow into my Multi-tool logo. Maybe this is a better way to go.


This product is finished and is masked both sides for vector cutting. Most colors show grains also, not painted.


It’s finshed and masked in both sides.


Did you get your samples, or did you order some??


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