Rowmark laser engraving

I was wondering if anyone had an idea how to have the machine raster from the opposite direction the fan is blowing. Currently it blows the material over the exposed carve and discolors it.

Can’t be done by the user. GF explained a long time ago why they chose the current direction. Can be debated but not changed.


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If you don’t mask the work, the smoke residue can be wiped off with alcohol or household ammonia on a rag. Ammonia is much quicker.
I don’t remember the logic behind the decision, but I do think having the option to choose the engraving direction would be nice.

I believe Dan mentioned that Bailey suggested front to back because it videoed better.

It may have been an off the cuff remark but… :slightly_smiling_face:


Some context:

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Yep. I would still prefer the back to front. Burn away any stains you make instead of leaving it on your work.