Royal Flush

Did you have to do anything fancy to your original drawing to get those fantastic results? The different shades of grey all show up perfectly, and I love the look of the wood. Outstanding job. :blush:


I did a little black and white adjustment, to remove some colors and lighten and darken others, (gave it more contrast), but it literally took a couple of minutes for each of the cards.

Everything else, the laser did.


Ah these look great! Very cool little project. They look so smooth.

I love this word. My dog does this when we let him on the bed


I’ve learned this means you can comfortably up the power a bit to keep those details after you remove the masking.


No, I just meant my lousy photography. The details engrave just fine. (I had removed the masking on the first one, but it was harder to differentiate the different engraved shades that do show up in those small beads without the white contrast.)


Going to Michaels en 3…2…1…


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, nice work Jules!!! Man, those are beautiful and inspiring.
I love the two-tone effect the masking tape give too. If you like the effect, maybe pre-painting the tile like this guy does would work. You may have to seal it afterward though.
Did you get those specific beads at Michael’s or do you mind sharing where you got them?

Diego Scaglia Rat‎ is the amazing artist of this work.


Yes this guy does some badass stuff. The technique is pretty easy to pull off if you can accurately lay down an engrave in the same exact spot multiple times. So cool

For those interested: make a design, make a simple outline of where you need to lay down your color. Run a vector engrave to make those outlines. Paint inside the lines. Run the full detail engrave over the top of the paint and previous engraved outlines.


Outstanding! Love these!

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Unfortunately, l’ve had those beads for a very long time…l tend to stockpile craft supplies, so I can’t say for sure. It was likely one of the chains…maybe Hobby Lobby. But both of them should have something similar I would imagine.

And that skull is stunning! (Might not be quite ready for that yet!) Chuckle!

I did play with some pens on the first one i did. If you want to apply a faint wash of pastel color to shallow engraving, surprisingly, plain old highlighters work pretty well. (On bamboo. No idea how they work out on other woods/grasses.) They stick in the engraved lines, and then wipe off of the surface.

If you want a darker color, and you have a steady hand, colored Sharpies work extremely well. Dot the color on and let it dry very thoroughly. (Sharpies also work very well for coloring white filaments before printing, if you want to save a buck or two, and get some nice pastels out of the deal. :slight_smile:)

Bic Mark-Its are pretty much useless. You can get a light color wash, but they wipe right off when moistened.

I actually like the wood tones, but if you want to color some of them, you could try Sharpies. The ink sticks and you don’t have to re-engrave it.


So I’m assuming you might want to STAY AWAY from (just saying!) Ha


Those are GREAT looking. Wonderful work!

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Oh, don’t do that to me right now…later, absolutely! ROFL! :wink:

Perfect for my planned custom wooden, now maybe bamboo, Scrabble tiles.


Jules these are amazing…jewelry is another thing I’m planning on doing a lot of so it’s great to see the tiny details it can do.

And taping it down! Glad you tested that—anyone else glad such smart people got pre-production models so they can figure out all the cool tricks for us? :grin:


Astonishing was the perfect descriptive word! These are beautiful!


Aww, thanks. No need to explain, I have closets full of supplies, many of which I bought simply becasue I like pretty things. I usually get around to using them within 5 years or so though :slight_smile: If I find a similar bead I’ll share the info.

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That didn’t take long lol


Now, see, i need to get some of those…the ones that I have are drilled along the long edge - for playing cards, if you wanted to string them side-by-side, you’d need them drilled like that.

Great find! :grin:

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It’s Jules ! She never plays with a full deck… :stuck_out_tongue: