Rubber cog help


Nomenclature fail on my part - you’re correct of course.

It was not a very good machine, no. I think I logged about a 30% run-to-maintenance rate, hourwise.


Reminds me of this

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Yes… One of those… That takes me back to that time and place… So much memory and emotion wraped into it prevent me from properly saying it’s name and relation to things. Please say it for me :wink:

So what is that please?


Does it give you…87…memories?


Sadly no. Next hint?


2 words…

First initials of each are: B. F.

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The iconic representation of Benjamin Franklin with all 8 spokes representing his 8 major works for which he is to be remembered for.

And I get your “87” as in 1787 , the year that he first started to show signs of pleurisy , the cause of his death.

So obvious now!

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Are 15 bolt face?

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sorry, no, the 87 refers to a specific site where they love to respond to everything with “87!” lol

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AR-15 bolt face is correct!

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You crazy Americans with your crazy weapons. Try harpooning a deer next time! If you don’t learn to harpoon, you don’t get to eat up here!

Edit: it’s deer not dear… You don’t want to make that mistake when your hungry

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