Rubberband Fridge




I can’t believe I actually went and dug out a rubber band. (Does get cooler.) :grin:


Me too!! It’s soooo cool! (Pun fully intended)


Yeah, like I’m stupid enough to hold a fully stretched rubber band up to my lips. Learned never to do that when I was 5.




This video got brought up in a heat transfer class I was in and we honestly talked about it for 2 days because it was so interesting.


Ben is an absolute renaissance man. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching all of his videos.

Expanding 3D Paper

great video - thx! I sent the link to my nieces and nephews :slight_smile:


I would have thought, just like with gasses, it would be a matter of compression/release. It just happens that compression happens when you stretch the band (heats), then decompression when you release. Pressure creates heat, just like gases, it would be that the stretched band is compress form.