Ruler 404 off to Atlanta?

Everyone talks about the first test ruler and I see the link and it says already purchased but when I go there I get Atlanta (404 sorry there is nothing here)

Works fine for me, both the founders ruler and the gift of good measure.


What do you want me to link to? I opened the projects in the GF app and they opened. What else you are you looking for?

Which part is not working? Move mouse over ruler, click open, design comes up in app…

That may be the sorce of the problem. It goes looking for the app instead of the page in the catalog and I have not finished setting up my Glowforge and so not installed the app yet and why I got an error. I am proceeding somewhat slowly I’m afraid, not wanting to break something, either in Glowforge or me

Thanks for reaching out.

Once you’ve set up your Glowforge, you should have a smoother experience. If you still run into trouble then, please email us at or post a new topic.