Run timer without turning on the Glowforge

Hey guys,
I do a lot of quoting on different laser engraving and I don’t turn on or have access to my glowforge everyday. Is there a way to get a glow forge run time on a design without turning on the glow forge? I should really help me a lot as it’s kind of a pain in the butt to get to the glowforge just to make a quote.

This is definitely something that has been asked for - sadly there is not currently, since it runs an equation in the background each time. The difference in the exact same design put in vertically and horizontally can be noticeable so there’s no way to guess accurately ahead of time without allowing the job to calculate.


Thank you for the suggestion – I don’t have a way to guide you to do this now, but I will share the idea with the team and let them know it came from a customer!