Running GF During Storm?

I didn’t find anything really specific in search so I’m hoping this hasn’t been asked before.

Just got a severe thunderstorm warning here which makes me sad because this is the first day in like three weeks my asthma has let up enough for me to do any work. I’m curious do any of you run your machine when it’s raining out? What about straight up storming? Why or why not?

To date I’ve never risked it. It’s my precious but still just wondering.

I don’t risk it when it comes to lightning storms personally, but if it just raining or the snow is blowing sideways it has never stopped me before.


When it’s actively thundering I actually unplug mine from the wall. It’s probably overkill but it costs me nothing to do it, just yoink the cable and be cool until the storm abates.

In Georgia the storms happen almost daily in high season, but they’re fast.


I’d unplug it if there was an electrical storm. In Ontario during the summer we would get serious lightning storms and unplugging TV, stereo, and anything else electronic was automatic. Lots of people don’t and get away with it. YMMV.

Family experience: My parents went to Europe for a vacation, and just from habit they unplugged almost everything. Their house was hit by lightning and nearly burned down. They had to have 60% of the wiring replaced. The breaker panel in the shop blew right out of the wall. But they did not lose any appliances except the 80’s vintage microwave which was so heavy they did not bother to pull it out and unplug it.

The guys from the insurance were amazed. They said no one unplugs stuff.


Mine gets unplugged if there’s thunder/lightning.


Never ran it during a thunderstorm, but have many, many times when it’s raining and storming. I live in Oregon. If I waited on the weather, I’d never get to use my Glowforge.


The threat is a hit on the power from lightning. I wouldn’t run it during severe storms, but otherwise weather won’t make a difference.

Mine is unplugged when not in use, as I run it from an extension - I’ve never used the power switch.

mine gets plugged IN when I am going to use it. Otherwise remains unplugged.


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