Running Horses Tray

I started out with the Running Horses design from Mike’s 805LaserSpot Esty shop (Glowforge Laser Ready Digital Files by 805LaserSpot on Etsy). I printed this on 1/4" Craft Closet Baltic birch plywood from Amazon using Mike’s recommended settings.

My wife thought the design would look good on a serving tray, so I removed the frame, feathered the edges, and put the design on the bottom of a 10.125" x 16" tray made from the same 1/4" Baltic Birch.

For this, I masked the wood to do the cuts, then removed the mask from the bottom section and engraved the artwork.


A really amazing piece! :heart_eyes:




The top one looks like it was engraved by a cnc machine. So clean - how did you get rid of all the char?

Did you mask the BB before engraving?and how long was the engrave time? I’m thinking of making one for my daughter.

There was no char. The 3D effect is an optical illusion. The piece is nearly perfectly flat. The only smoke is at the end when the cut is made. The rest is engraved using settings that Mike sends out with the file. All i did after the engrave was to apply 3 coats of polyacrylic.

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The BB was not masked, and the engrave time was 2 hours 9 minutes.


Thanks. When I finally read the description it says no masking (SMH)

Great job. Mike is an incredible designer. My family is lining up for projects they want me to do.

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