Wouldn’t worry about it…creativity tends to pick up after the holiday season, and really slows down between Thanksgiving and New Years. (As a general rule…people are just busy with family and friends.)

It will pick back up again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have MS and am in a wheelchair, so this may be useful. You never know what people need.


There is a whole thread about this sort of thing:

I’d love to see what you’ve come up with, if you feel comfortable sharing.


I’m going to say this once. If you reread my original post, never once did I ask for free stuff nor infer it. YOU took it wrong and blew it totally out of proportion. The basis for the post was, when i first got here, i looked through and followed conversations and saw things like, “ hey it’s not very good but… “ then someone coming along and saying “ hey can i modify this? I think it’d be more functional …” whatever. It touched me that the people in this “community (right) worked like that. It SPARKED CREATIVITY. I thought it was awesome. So to me i was sad to see the board slow down.

Now that said, i will make no more apologies to you or anyone else. If you want to discuss “tone” and forum policy, do it with a moderator. Don’t infer to threaten me with rules, especially when you didn’t ask me about my intent first. You sir, are a rude, arrogant personality. I apologize to the rest of the community for this thread. THIS is why I don’t usually post.

Moderators, if you feel the need to ban me, please do.

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If my vote counts, I’d say don’t flag or ban for anything. I’m not offended, navenya is within his/her rights to read me as fully rude.

You’re not going to apologize, I’m not going to defend myself to you. We just disagree, which is ok.

As for creativity, there’s plenty of it being sparked in MOAG and BTM and Everything Else. If anyone is looking for it, I’d read those topics instead of here since this is not as busy as other parts of the forum.


There are no mods. Well, not in the traditional sense. We basically self-mod and let staff know when we think there’s an issue by flagging an offending post.

Fact is, there are reasons people don’t post their particular works. For example, some artists have had their designs altered without permission or straight up stolen. As mentioned above, teaching technique is often a better answer than being handed a fully fleshed out (and meticulously crafted) design.


Since this topic has indeed attracted a few flags, and since it’s a requirement of the FLD category that the thread start with a FLD, I’m going to close this thread.