Safe and Happy 4th Weekend!


While a US holiday, hope everyone has a safe and Happy Forth of July (not 'til Tuesday, but weekend kicks off tonight!.

cut on my :glowforge: :slightly_smiling_face:


Seconded! Enjoy those bar-b-ques! :slightly_smiling_face:


have a safe and happy canada day weekend, too!


I’m about to have 4 days off!

:us::fireworks::us: :hamburger::us::beers::us: :sparkler::us::tada::us::boom::us::hotdog::us::statue_of_liberty::us::bacon:


Remember to buy American-made fireworks!

(hahahacry :cry:)


Oh say can you see…

It’s my son’s 45th birthday, so I always have two reasons to celebrate! I only wish we were in closer proximity (Oregon-New Jersey…and very soon to be Delaware). I miss him a lot.


I know a fellow who makes them on another forum. Fascinating fellow, and apparently his large purchases of gunpowder and generation of hydrogen for his zeppelins has not gone unnoticed by the govt. (They tend to send drones around to check up on his activities.) :grinning:

Looks like our emoticons just achieved political correctness.


Ummm so I guess this is the weekend of the 4th so…Happy Fourth…and God bless all who have and are serving…Thank you.! :fireworks::hamburger::sparkler::corn:


LoL at your bacon randomly at the end


Bacon is as American as the flag :grin:


save the best for last :grinning: