Safe Material to Use?

I ordered the GF plus and should be receiving it soon. I got excited and started ordering materials so I could have things to play with once it came in. I ordered some acrylic sheets from etsy (for earrings, hopefully) but after I ordered it (and it was shipped) I went back and re-read the description. The material is Acrylic Celluloid (cellulose nitrate) which now I’m worried I can’t use. I’m adding the link to the sample material I purchased. Can someone let me know if it is safe to use… or should I just consider this a lesson learned and toss it?


Oh noooo! I think you need to send that to me immediately. :smile:
(j/k Should be fine.)

One warning…make sure to watch it while it’s cutting, and if it has real metals in it, avoid using the copper and lava colored ones without masking of some kind on it. Matter of fact you should use a white paper mask on all of it before trying to cut it, or you are going to have a hard time with design placement. So be sure to pick up some white paper masking tape too.


:slight_smile: …they look so pretty and was really hoping I didn’t have to give them up. Thanks for the information. I’m a bit relieved (still a bit worried) but will definitely keep an eye on them when cutting. thanks!

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Wouldn’t risk it personally, the acrylic part is fine but the sandwiched cellulose nitrate would worry me. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus out there but it does NOT show up as a safe material on most maker space lists. (cellulose nitrate on it’s own is the highly flammable stuff that old film was made of and notorious for self combusting)


If you seach for cellulose or celluloid, you’ll find some discussions. My research has shown no breathing or corrosive hazards, but as many have said, it can be “unstable” with heat. Note, this is not nitro-cellulose, and will not explode, but if you introduce flame to celluloid, it will burn, and burn quick. On the other hand, I use the GF to engrave the scales (sides) of Swiss Army Knives, which are made of a form of cellulose. It doesn’t take much (think fast & low power), but it gives a good result. I would certainly chance using your sheets, but I would do a lot of trials, starting very small and working up to final designs if everything goes well. Plan on sacrificing a sheet or two.


While true, I thought the issue was what they got soaked in was more flammable than the film material itself. “I’m gonna store this black powder inside this stick of dynamite” type something.

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