Safe to use Dust Off on Crumb Tray?

I may be overly paranoid, but I absent-mindedly used dust-off to clear some debris out of my crumb tray but am now worried that the chemicals that were in that can and now all over my tray, can somehow ignite a fire once I try to cut something? I’m praying not!

No, you are fine. Dusting cans are nothing but proppellent that evaporates very quickly.

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thank you!!!

I personally prefer using a vacuum, provided you have one w/ hose & attachments–either with it in place, or better remove the tray to get all the loose bits to fall onto the floor (mine is wood, so it’s easier to clean up), and the vacuum or blow out the finer dust.

I’m hoping you’re using the spray with the tray out? Else any debris you blow out of the tray ends up within the housing & track & such…

A vacuum is far more risky because of the static electricity they typically generate, unless you’re doing this with the tray removed from the machine.

Unless you live in a very humid environment. One of my least favorite parts about visiting our family in dry climates is getting shocked every time I go to open the car door :frowning:

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If you have an old C-Pap hose lying about you can stick one end in the end of the shopvac and the other end is both a useful size and soft rubber and I suspect that it would not build up electrical charges even in the worst cases as it would not do to have that issue in its designed use.