Safely securing to supporting structure

Hi, is there a way to secure it to a table top.
Either by using clamps or from underneath so that it doesn’t leap off what it’s sitting on during an earthquake, or if someone decides to take it home without my permission and not return it any time soon? Thanks!

Now sure how you would ‘strap’ something that has a large lid as the glowforge. But as for a security, I guess the question would be does the glowforge have a kensington security slot?

Build a box and vent it! Secures your device and makes safer.
Use plywood and 2x4 or metal

Search the forums. I’m pretty sure there was a discussion about this a month or two ago.

There’s no Kensington security strap, but cool idea to go in the hopper for v2.

Maybe, there are rubber feet attached to the underside of the exterior enclosure? If so, I might be able to carefully attach at those points to a counter top from below? Just thinking out loud.

They’re two long rubber bumpers running the length of the machine IIRC.

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Are those 2 long rubber bumpers of the shelf parts, or custom? Are the bumpers snapped into place, or fastened using screws? If screws are used then I could possibly just use much longer screws to go through the underside of the work surface and into the screw hole locations on the bumpers. We shall see.

Adhesive IIRC.