Safety Interlock Open on basic (still waiting on response for repair)

I sent in a message on Monday about needing assistance with my Glowforge Basic, which is throwing a “safety interlock open” message. I got a reply on Tuesday from Patrick stating that it will need replaced. I replied back to get this process going…but it’s now Friday and I’m still waiting for a response. I’m losing sales daily and would really appreciate an update if possible. If the delay is due to the technical issues, which is on the automated call when I attempt to call in, then that’s understood. I’m at a roadblock and need assistance so I have something to tell my customers on their delay time as well as my own.

I appreciate any feedback,

The most likely scenario is they are waiting to hear from the company that handles repairs/refurbishments with more information. They generally don’t respond until they have something to share.

Staff don’t browse the forums. Posting here is no different than sending another email, it opens another ticket which goes into a queue, so they will probably close this and continue the existing discussion by email “to avoid confusion”.

Hi @jkporter74023. I saw this created thread and was able to look into your previous support ticket with my colleague Patrick. We have received your last response and is now in process with our team that handles any replacement printer orders. They will be following up with you next in that email thread, and I apologize for any delay. To avoid any potential confusion with multiple opened threads, I will go ahead and close out this thread now. Thank you.