Safety knob stripped and stuck

I recently purchased a used Glowforge plus, which was professionaly packed by UPS before shipment. The safety knob on the right side was over tightened and the hex insert is completely stripped. I’ve tried using vice grips, multiple wrench’s, screw excavators to no avail…. Any other suggestion?

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There is flex in the body of the Glowforge. Sometimes lifting a corner relieves some stress points so you can try that. Also, you can see if the Glowforge is level and if it isn’t, shim the corner(s) as needed and try the knob again. It is hard to believe that UPS could tighten something so much that vice grips wouldn’t work. Double check you are turning the right direction.


Not sure what this refers to. Part of the knob itself, or the piece on the plate it screws into?

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Also try jiggling the carriage plate gently while trying to unscrew the knob.


I think that is the drive feature of the fastener.

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