Safety Warning : Fires/using fire extinguishers in enclosed, airtight locations


Just a friendly reminder that fires, even small ones in an airtight room (or otherwise with little ventilation), can produce carbon monoxide. A carbon monoxide detector might be a prudent purchase. In the same enclosed spaces like basements, use of CO2, halotron (etc) extinguishers can accumulate and suffocate you or little ones and pets on the floor. Even a candle in today’s modern sealed house can be a hazard in these spaces. Heavier than air exhaust gases can also accumulate , especially near the floor.


This might be a useful warning in the manual.


I would bet it is in there…Dan was saying how thick the manual is becoming. - Rich



Well maybe not the best idea. :sweat_smile:

Please read all the manual before you start using your glowforge :wink:

  1. It is.
  2. Excellent warnings.
  3. Since this is a safety thread, I’m going to close it now, with the traditional Every Safety Thread Ends With A Reminder To Read The Manual reminder:

When you get your Glowforge, read the manual.