Safety Warnings from the Forge itself?



If the Glowforge can recognize many materials, can it recognize dangerous ones and basically not even turn on?

Like if you put in Moleskine item, which is shown as an item on the main page itself, will it yell at me that Moleskine
is a PVC product and releases chlorine gas and junk?
And come to think it, why is that even on the main page if it is a dangerous product :wink:


Probably not…lol. I hear the “recognize material” feature will scan a bar code or qr code printed on material purchased from Glowforge. Any other materials will have to be checked against a safe vs harmful list that will no doubt will be available to any owners.
A simple google search already shows lots of info.


Just read that Moleskine has been PVC free since 2012…
Google…its a wonderful thing…:grinning:


A lot of googling and older Moleskine products had PVC, while the company says they now don’t. But can’t find info on what is considered “old” products.
If I got a bunch from a wholesaler for example, I wouldn’t want the batches that did.


Maybe they have an inventory number or you can tell by the UPC code…


Good idea. Looks like we have figured everything out. :slightly_smiling:


Yes - as noted, we only recognize things we do support. Cool idea though!

(I’m still looking for a definitive word on the moleskine)


That would be a really useful safety feature. The technology does exist at a small size, however it’d really only be useful if it could catch a material before it became fumes.