Saint Augustine Florida, “Relic” style marble slab clocks

Im kinda proud of my adopted hometown.
It is old, beautiful and historical.
These should be popular in a few high end shops on St George st…



Really lovely! Good luck with them.

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They are lovely, but you are going to need to find another clock face file to use for it I believe. That one belongs to Glowforge, and is incorrect. :wink:


Great idea!

To quote a weird Beetles song, “Number Nine,… Number nine…num…”

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Yes, you are right. About a year ago I jokingly told customer service about their clock face that counts 1,2,3,4,7,6,7,8,11,10,11,12.
Soon thereafter, they removed it. It is still incredible to me that these highly educated (for the most part) designers (plural), did not catch this one. Heck, I did not notice it either when I had printed it on many items. Now when I sell these, I must sell with a disclaimer. … Too funny!


Ha I didn’t notice the seven. :slight_smile:

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Still one thing to check…make sure you’re allowed to sell them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t want to open a huge can of worms here, and maybe we need @dan 's input on it since it’s their file, but there used to be an information blurb in the catalog next to the prices that laid out the terms of re-use and sale for catalog designs, and my interpretation of those was that if you were planning to use it on something you sold, you needed to repurchase it for each item sold. In other words, the Unlimited Use purchase option is not allowed for commercial use or resale.

The only way (I believe) we are allowed to legally sell or use a catalog design on items for resale is to purchase a single use license for each sale. Since that one is no longer available, you might be up a creek on that particular file. :woman_shrugging:

They are currently relying on people’s honesty in just printing once if they buy the single use print, although most probably don’t hit the little information button, so I doubt most even know about it. (And they don’t have the limitations set up on the catalog sales yet. When they set them, you might not be able to continue printing that file, so just be aware of the possibility for the future. I would try to find or create a backup clock face so I knew I had one that would continue to work if I had sales that depended on it.)

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Thanks for the heads up, but, seeing how I now must sell about 10pcs, time and material at a discount and with a disclaimer, is lost money that exceeds any multiple purchase of the design. And since I will not be able to (nor would I want to), print any more, I think the legal Karma fairness fairies wont mind.

In the future, I am working on a really nice one that is easily theme changed.

Stay tuned.

Thanks again for the heads-up!