Sale an item

This is probably a dumb question but are we allowed to sell items we make from glow forge such as the gift of good measure, etc? If so is there a price guide to follow. Somebody has asked me to make them a gift of good measure key chain and I have no idea what to charge them for it?

I am looking for the terms and conditions that document this but can’t. Designs in catalog can’t be sold nor objects made from said designs. Limited use normally precludes sales.

Someone will jump in here soon with the documentation.


Nope, all Glowforge designs handed out as freebies, as well as the multi-use designs sold through the catalog are considered Personal Use Only. (You can’t resell them.)

In the Catalog, the little Information circle (“i”) next to the price lists the terms of purchase.
(Oh Lord…they’ve changed it again and done away with the little circles.)

Never mind. No proof any more.

You can make one for her as a friend though. :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you, just got my glow forge this week so I’m new. Thanks for the info


and just in case it also comes up, all of the designs in the Free Laser Designs category are also for personal use only - unless the poster has specifically said “ok for commercial use” (there are a few of those, but not many)


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