Sale on Cermark



The link is busted.


Whoops…let me try again

Luckily I have a Burlane close to me so I can save on shipping. They are also now affiliated with laserbits and carry the laserwood laminates.


Darn expensive stuff. Does it at least go pretty far if you are only doing small areas like 4x4 inches and other small dimensions?


Yes…you only need a light coating.


Thanks for the info! So, what is your favorite form of the material? Spray, tape, liquid, what?


I currently have been using spray but I think I’m going to get the Liquid because I can air brush it on


Oh yeah, that makes sense. Thanks!


That’s why I use CRC Dry Moly Lube (automotive lube spray). It’s only in black though and side by side there’s a bit of a shading difference but not materially different especially for a 10 to 1 price delta.

Only get black and only on metal with it but good enough for what I usually do.


I have a question…is there a shelf life for Cermark?


It states 1 year, however I have a can of thermark that is at least two years old and still works…


Thank you!