Sales tax exemption on Glowforge shop orders

Just a heads-up for those of you in Washington state (and Tennessee, or wherever it is the PG stuff ships from)…

Since GF doesn’t offer us the option of having different billing and shipping addresses entered in their system, if you don’t ship your orders to your actual billing address, they won’t honor your state sales tax exemption.

I’m a little bit grouchy about how much material I could have bought with the sales tax I’m not supposed to have to pay, especially because they told me to go ahead and order and they’d refund it once they got around to getting my exemption put into their system.

I operate multiple businesses under one license, which the state is perfectly happy for me to do. It’s totally inconvenient for me to have GF materials shipped to the office where my GF isn’t, but I guess that’s what I have to start doing.


Minus having to spend the sales tax upfront, can you not claim it back and reduce your tax liability on your monthly/quarterly/whatever you have to file taxes? I do.

Yeah, probably. Already sent a message to my bookkeeper about it. But even so, that turns it into regular money instead of the store credit it’s currently eating away at. Regular money has a ton of other uses, like paying bills and stuff, and isn’t as easy to spend on GF materials. :frowning: