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Went to order pg materials, as I have many times before. Noticed it’s charging me sales tax now when it hasn’t before. I’m in Tennessee, so unless I’m missing some new news, I shouldn’t be paying tax, right? Wondering if it’s a glitch or if anyone else has noticed.

Got my last PG shipment from Tennessee. I would be surprised if you hadn’t been charged tax.

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Ah, just re checked and it did charge me tax for the lens I ordered most recently. Didn’t notice. It definitely hadn’t previously though. Thanks!

From what I understand, the Federal laws related to sales tax collection have recently changed. Some states are already phased in; others (like California) convert over later this year. I think Tennessee is already there. If you buy from Ebay or Amazon or whatever large platforms, eventually you will need to start paying sales tax. The platform will collect / remit/ report on it to the appropriate states; individual sellers will not be involved.



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You can thank South Dakota for that.

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Just an FYI you always had to pay tax, however like most Americans you probably didn’t report your out of state purchases.


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