Salt and Pepper shelf

For sitting on the back of the stove (or hanging on the wall above the stove.)

I might go back and remake the sides angling up to the back instead of squared off with tabs.


Excellent idea! (Never can find the salt shakers…they run and hide somewhere in the kitchen when I’m not looking.) :wink:


Yours too?


Yep! Every time! :smile:

I have realized that I need to get better about taking pictures of the things I make. (Not better AT it, just better REMEMBERING to do it.) So, here are all the unpictured things I gave away for Christmas this year. (Maybe I will tell the recipients to all send me pictures of them in use) I also made all the name tags on Lowes white board this year, too.

Salt and Pepper Shelf
Interchangeable 3-photo Picture Frame
Decorative Alphabet Letter Set (3 names)
Table Hockey Game
Mailbox and Postcards (x2)
Snowman Family Ornament
Angular Wood Shell Lamp
Slide Up Veneer Card Holder
Baby Sleeping Sign
Vertical Tie and Garment Hanger
Flexible Flat Pack Tablet Stand (x4)
Eccentric Square Scroll Bowl
3 pairs of Earrings
3 Santa Trays (my cluttered and mismatched version)
4 dozen Personalized Pencils
Gloomhaven Mat
3 Engraved photos
Pencil Holder
Dozens of Gifts of Good Measure
Wrapped in a Mystery Puzzle Box
Mechanical Marble Run Game
30 sets of star ornaments (small, medium, and large 3d)
12x20 sheet of flat Dragon toys
12x20 sheet of flat Elephant toys
Cash gift card holder
2 Christmas tree puzzles
2 Anti-masker signs
5 Hexagonal dice boxes
2 Fairy tale generators
1 set of Schools of Magic placards
1 Cat Mobile
1 Personalized cutting board
3 toddler name puzzles
2 tea light holders

I did manage to only actually buy 2 things for people, instead of making them. I couldn’t figure out how to make student desks, but hey, I am new at this.

And my grand total for sales this Christmas season was…well…zero. That also might be something I need to get better at.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a good night. God bless us, every one.


I was already very impressed with your list; but was even more thrilled that you made 2 of these! :heart_eyes:


Easy call. I have granddaughters. They call me Llama.