Salt Lake Comic Con

So through my time lurking on the forums I have seen some awesome nerd stuff. I have enjoyed seeing all the great laser cut stuff as well as the other things everyone has created.

A few months ago my wife and I decided to attend the Salt Lake Comic Con with some friends. They all decided they wanted to go as Mad Max characters. My wife is going as the coma doof warrior, a friend will be Humungous, another Furiosa, Mad Max, and a few more. I decided my character will be from
A little town called Bartertown.

I have had a great time making it. Started with some old football shoulder pads:

Added some cardboard, glue and paint and utilized all my kindergarten art skills to come up with:


Now I have one question for everyone: WHO RUNS BARTERTOWN?


I’m probably the only person on the planet who has not seen the movie (movies?), but I have to say that is one awesome piece of fan art.


I haven’t either @cynd11!

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Very cool!

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Chuckle! No idea, but I agree with the ladies…it looks exceptional! :grinning:

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Wow! You must have rocked kindergarten. :sunglasses:

Aunty Entity and Master Blaster!


You know wasn’t the best at kinder the first time through, but I’ve really perfected it over the last 10 years😝. I always tell my students at the end of the year they did better at kindergarten than me because next year they will be in first and I will still be here.


You guys going to be there Saturday? I’m heading up there too!

I don’t dress up, despite loving it…in a venue like that it’s a little intimidating! :confused: (Not to mention hard to navigate in crowds!)


Yeah we are dressing up today(Friday) and then just going normal tomorrow. I have never been to one of these and our friends have gone the last several years, so they invited us. I figured make the costume as big and unwieldy as possible lol.