Sam Houston’s Genius Joinery


During our recent trip home to visit family in Texas, we wandered around Sam Houston’s old home site in Huntsville. I was struck by the sheer genius of the joinery on his home - those logs, once in place, weren’t going ANYWHERE!

BOnus points to anyone who can figure out how to do this on a GlowForge. :wink:


Dovetail joins. We’ve figured out how to do it, but it’s not very efficient.
Gradient engraving takes too long, and using a jig is very limited - size wise.

There is a wonderful half and half method though that I’ve been planning to incorporate - I’ll have to see if I can find the link.


It’s quite different than a dovetail joint. Sort of a hybrid joint. I bet some joint expert here has a name for it.


Here it is…


Ahhh! That’s it! Many thanks! :grinning:


To me, the genius of the joined is that the top sides of all the cuts shed water out of the joint. Houston isn’t Seattle, but I bet it will look the same in another 180 years.


Cool! I’d call that a compound dove tail.