Same Material/Same Settings: Cutting Through and Waste

So yesterday was a really frustrating day; and was hoping maybe for some advice as I wasted FOUR PG sheets of Medium Maple Plywood, and hours of time.

I am going to be as specific as possible…

First, we just got a refurbished machine from GF as our old one (an original), was barely cutting anymore- the tube was shot. I have made some glorious complicated cuts on the new machine at PG settings.

Yesterday, I made a sheet wide complicated cut at PG setting. cut perfectly.
Put another piece in, same settings. Did not cut through. (Enough so it was a waste).

Before you ask: Sheets were pinned down, felt to be flush all the way with tray all the way through (not a situation where one side cuts and other doesn’t because of warping), tray was in place. Measured afterward in case sheet was off, no discernible difference in thickness. Cleaned lenses. Cleaned out tray again, wiped feet, etc.

Put another sheet in; cut partial test print, by lowering speed to 160/Full. Cut perfectly. Tried to cut entire sheet again. Did not cut through. Wasted sheet 2. (Same troubleshooting - nothing obvious).

Tried to cut at 155. Did not cut through.

Finally, test cut at PG with 2 passes. Cut like butter. Tried to cut entire sheet again. Did not cut through. Wasted sheet 4.

Gave up.

Was cutting acrylic pretty consistently at -5PG, one problem, believed to be warped sheet despite pins as right side cut, left not so well.

What is SO frustrating is that this is clearly not a dirty machine, or a part wrongly in place, etc. as it cuts perfectly, then for no apparent reason does not. I was used to that with our old machine - wouldn’t have even tried a complicated cut as odds of all the tiny cuts going through was nonexistent even at lower speeds and 2 or 3 passes; but I have been incredible successful in the past week this new machine has been set up. Then suddenly back to not cutting through for no apparent reason.

Any thoughts?

A) Cutting properly then not usually indicates time to clean optics - you mentioned lenses but just to be sure did you also get all the mirrors and the lid camera? Med PG plywoods have an mdf core which makes extra sticky/dirty smoke.

B) triple check your crumb tray is flat with its feet fully seated in the dimples and no debris under the feet. (This got me last week)

C) is it not cutting through all over or in specific areas? Cutting well on left side and not on right side usually indicates an optics alignment issue that has to be solved by GF mothership

D) it’s not a fix but can help you not waste material - when the cut is done don’t move anything, gently check if parts have cut through by trying to lift cutouts only with tape or a pick. If they didn’t cut through, close the lid and run the job again. As long as nothing was moved it’ll cut in the exact same place - ignore what the lid camera image says.


If you send pictures of the back where it didn’t cut through to support, the logs will confirm the settings and I believe the company will credit you the material.


Thanks, so much!
I’ll try (A);
Quadrupled checked B as I’ ve had that problem before :grin:
and didn’t know about C (always assume that was a warped wood problem).
I’ve tried D, and sometimes it works, and sometimes even without moving it, it refocuses, and the cut is off. (not sure why).
thanKS so much for the response and helpful tips

I didn’t know that… very good to know. thanks

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Hello - did you get this issue resolved? I just set up my refurbished machine and it isn’t cutting proof grade material.

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