Same problems continue. Not connecting. Teal light stays on

Two-days without bothering the GF.
Went through the steps of plugging all back in.
Systems indicated/stated computer connected to GF.
Teal light was on, never went off. working page ALWAYS SAYS OFFLINE.
No change in machines lack of performance.
No response from GF machine.
No Christmas presents being made.
Santa ready to move GF to the NAUGHTY LIST!
**Two of my college teachers, (yes I am 70 y.o.), came out a month ago and tried out the GF and liked it. Glad they are not out here this month.

Sounds like the connection process is not completed. Should only have to do that once unless the wireless has changed. So you probably have to go through it again. Try carefully following this short video.


@pb2u2 I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is not connecting to your Wi-Fi. It looks like a colleague replied to your other forum post regarding this issue. I am going to go ahead and close this post. Could you review the steps provided and we will follow up with our investigation with your results.