Samsung watch band engraving questions

So I’ve read over the standard posts about watch band engraving, I will be looking to find out the type of silicon that my Galaxy watch 5 has, but was thinking about trying to give it a go. Has anyone tried this with another brand outside of Apple watch bands or am I on my own trying to figure out best methods? Tha is in advance


Whatever you decide, I’d order a test band now. Worst case you don’t use it, and when your existing band wears out you have a backup.


I just bought generic “silicone” bands from eBay.


That’s probably a good idea, and in the meantime I’m trying to figure out a good method of making a leather wristband for my watch as well lol


Yep. Generic silicone bands - it does make a mess though. It’s a pretty dirty engrave. Easy enough to clean the band but you’ll want to clean the lenses in the machine after every engrave or two otherwise you’ll find that the power transfer drops pretty fast.


Jen's Watchband_V6

This’ll get you started - it’s for a Fitbit, but they use standard watch connectors :slight_smile:
I double up so there’s less stretch, and glue a piece of ribbon along the holes to resist those getting larger. Keep two pieces facing the same way so you have the sueded side toward your wrist.


Thank yeeee!


I don’t know if these will work with Watch 5, as I started with a 3 and upgrade to a 4…My kids have 5, so maybe I could test, but I ordered these before, I meant to engrave them, but I got lazy. They are cheap, so probably would hurt less to engrave. I also was able to order the connector parts only before, since i also thought to make my own leather band…again, got lazy, the connectors are floating around in a box somewhere…

Here are the pins. Oh, I don’t own any of the larger watches, so these probably wouldn’t work, but just to show they are out there. I think all out watches are the size closer to 40mm: