Samurai Pull Saw Holder

Ok this thing (Glowforge) should really come with a warning “May not get any other work done once it arrives”

Figured I needed a good holder for my pull saw. I have some great ideas for using archers to hold the hack saws and bow saws. Should fill out the backdrop nicely when done.


Hah! That’s awesome!

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That’s fantastic. Very creative. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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Nice! Are those standard pegboard hooks? (Can you post a pic of just one of those?) I have a wall of peg board to install… and things like this would be great to add.

(Oh, and NO KIDDING with the warning! Have to keep reminding myself I have a wife and kids!)


Careful, get too enthusiastic and that saw can relieve you of those thumbs.

Who says a shop needs to be vanilla? That’s fantastic.


That’s Great!

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This is a genius pegboard build. :ok_hand:

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Pure genius. Now I have to buy a Japanese pull saw just so I can make that holder.


Super clever! :smile:

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Great idea! :sunglasses:

Whoa! So life-like!

That is kinda awesome.

I love it! I’ve got 3 saws, now to design fun holders!

I have a Japanese hand saw, but no peg board. Hmmmm. Also, several Japanese kitchen knives.

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Well done.

Perfect! What a great design, and it’s giving me all kinds of ideas…

This brought a smile to my face. It also caused me some shame,… your work area looks so clean and organized. Mine looks like it only survived because concrete doesn’t burn.


This is so brilliant–if I’d done that, I’d smile literally every time I saw it.

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Ok…This is my NEW favorite. Excellent job!

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