San Diego skyline


Someone mentioned varipower in an earlier post, here’s an example. Zero intervention on my part, other than cropping a section from an image I found online.


That’s so nice.


Very detailed, I had a similar experience but my photo needs a little tweaking.


Nice results! (Yeah the variable power is the same as the 3D engrave setting for raster images.) :grinning:


I really like this–nice job!


You oriented the wood grain perfectly with the skyline engraving to give a fabulous water and sky effect in both the foreground and background!!! Nice!!!


Nice eye. I had to go back and look.
I agree, nice effect.


This is absolutely fabulous. So many variables and things to try.


Nicely done! Thinking our skyline could use a print or two also!


yeah, me too :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you! this was totally accidental. i was looking for the brightest board in the stack and this was it.


Ooh, the grain definitely enhances this engrave!