Is it safe to laser sandpaper? If so, is there a specific kind that I should use? I cut some 150 grit and the settings from cynd11 for 10 mil mylar worked great to cut a stencil out of it but I don’t know if it is toxic.

Hm this came up before. Someone made shingles for an HO house if I recall.

Of course searching the forum for “sandpaper” yields this and more.

As for toxicity I would recommend reading the msds on your specific paper but me personally I’d put that in the “not super dangerous” category.

I’d still read the msds first to be sure my gut feeling was correct.

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IIRC, someone had to cut from the backside rather than the grit side. Might be imagining things. It happens.


I have made sanding disks from sheets of sandpaper and discovered that the lightest hit 30pew and 500 zooms FROM THE BACK of the paper and it can be popped out easily as it will tear at the cut line.
from the front, the grit blocks the laser intermittently producing a bad cut. Presumably, this would be a rare need as you would only need the discs occasionally; so I would not be very worried about toxins much if the machine is vented or filtered.

I see @jbmanning5 beat me to the point


Yeah that’s the one. I linked to it in the earlier reply.


Thanks everyone. I did search the forum first but missed the outhouse post. Adorable!

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