Sandworm Ornament

Hey guys so I like sharing ornaments because I don’t really care if people make them, but please don’t re-sell the designs somewhere. You can make them and sell the actual physical items.
But yeah I want to make a “goth” Christmas tree so already made a nightmare before Christmas ornament so I drew a sandworm.

Sandworm ornament


Those are really cool! :grinning:

Any files that you share here are automatically protected by a Personal Use Only license per the Terms of Service and Forum Guidelines. You still retain the right to sell the files if you choose to, but no one has the right to take the files from here and claim them as their own. (If you find it happening, and people do not remove them when you contact them and ask them to take the files down, notify support so they can remove the perpetrators access to the forum and the files.)

Unfortunately, there isn’t a heck of a lot you can do about scraper bots, so if you want to keep something exclusive, don’t post it here… submit it to the Glowforge Catalog for consideration. They will (hopefully soon) open up the Premium Catalog to customer submissions, and it’s much more secure. (They might be paying a royalty to the designer based on sales for those submissions. Not sure how firm that is, but it’s been mentioned, so the odds are good.)


Kind of you to share. Thank you!

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Love your whimsical design, thanks for the share!

Cool and creepy! Great ornaments!

Looks like they would make perfect earrings…


Thanks for the share!

These are amazing. You did a great job, thank you for sharing



I made these on acrylic and my daughter loved so much she took both of them before I could show them off.

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