Save focus position

Is there a way to save the focus position so it stays fixed after opening the lid? I’m trying to cut lots of transparencies for Covid19 face shields, and each time I open the lid I have to redo the manual focus. Would be a big help if I could eliminate that step.

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No. Set Focus changes the camera’s view so you can set your cut correctly - once you move the camera that’s going to be off

That being said if you’re cutting the same thing, and you’re putting it in the same position, and you know it’s flat - you can set the cut height in the individual commands, and that won’t clear. So the machine will still do it’s auto-focus, but you don’t have to hit set focus because you don’t need to adjust where the cut is hitting.

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I am doing exactly what you said, but unless I set the focus manually on top of a higher object that I put on the tray, it won’t do the cut.

You need to measure the thickness of whatever is above your crumb tray - for example a 1/4" piece of wood with a 1/16" piece of fabric on top - you’ll enter a measurement of 5/16" into the individual commands - that’ll be the same thickness that set focus is giving you.

If it won’t cut through, then your materials are not uniform and you probably want to do set focus.

That’s what I’ve been doing. But I get this:

I use the “Set Focus” option to get around it, but have to do it again each time I open the lid. Occasionally I forget and it prints anyway, but mostly I get that message. Could it be a reflection problem?

Ah yeah, that’s definitely something with the auto-focus read that happens right before it starts. Reflective, or tiny (so the light falls off the edge), or too dark, or a number of things can cause that. Can you put masking over whatever you’re cutting?

If not, Set Focus allows you to aim the focus laser so that’s why it gets around this… :-/ you may be stuck!

Covering the lid to protect from glare seems to be doing the trick. Got 4 cuts in a row with no issues.

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Unfortunately no. As you’ve realized: the detected height is reset when the lid is opened.

But that’s a great idea for a feature - thanks for the suggestion! I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

Best advice I have is: The small platform you’re using set focus on… if you can place that closer to the home position, in the upper left, the head would need to travel the shortest distance, and would save the most time.

It’s awesome you’re making face shields!