Saved as an SVG, but GF thinks it's BMP

I am trying to upload a design to cut, but GF wants to engrave. The design file is saved as an SVG, but GF says it’s a BMP. Please help, it’s becoming very frustrating.

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How did you come by the design? Did you make it from scratch as a vector SVG or simply put a bitmap into a document and save it as an SVG?

Bitmaps will always be engraved, even if in container SVGs. You can only get cuts from vector lines.

And lines need to be defined paths with no fill to default to cut.

Does that help?


… and if you have a bitmap, and want to convert it to a file suitable for cutting, you can use your vector image editing software to “trace” the image to create the appropriate paths.

If you just want to cut around a shape, there is also the beta premium feature that can create outlines within the GF workspace.

Have you completed the tutorials?

Problems and Support is for opening trouble tickets with Glowforge staff, for issues with the machine or interface. I’ve moved this to an appropriate section for you.


I had something similar happen to me yesterday, when after a successful print, I got that bitmap error. Must be a bug, as I don’t use bitmaps in any of my designs. I also had the glowforge just stop printing in the middle of 2 jobs, but the countdown kept going. I need to try again on some scraps so I don’t waste any more material and see if it was just a fluke, or there is something wrong with my machine.

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