Saved designs

I have had a few sessions of cutting recently where the GFUI does not save the design into the list of previous jobs cut. Last night I traced and cut three paper designs and they are not in the little preview boxes as they should be. At what point does the GF save the jobs? I must be doing something in my workflow with the machine that is preventing them from being saved.

Anything I upload or scan from the home screen persists. Anything I add via “add artwork” only lasts as long as the browser session.


I wish it wasn’t but this appears to be by design at this point.


The home screen is the one with all of the saved projects on it?
That makes sense with what has happened to me since the first project is from the home screen and anything after I erase the first and add artwork from there.


Yes, that’s what I meant by home screen. I don’t know if it’s really called that, its just where you end up when you click “home”.

And I agree with @markevans36301. It appears to be the way it is intended to work.

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I call it the design space. It’s Home in the app.

I’m glad you figured it out! I’ll pass on the feedback here regarding saving designs with the rest of the team.