Saved presets all gone away and can't be made [resolved]


I was on the way to cut some projects and all presets have dissappeared.
But more problematic, I can’t save anymore.
I can click on “Save As”, give it a name. But nothing appears.

Has it append to someone else ? Any issue about this ?

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Welcome to the forum. I am not having the same problem that you are. In order for us to help you, can you be a little more specific?Is it the Glowforge interface that is giving you a problem or your graphic design program? Once you have artwork on the Glowforge working area and a Proofgrade material selected, you will have speed and power setting automatically generated. In order to see what those setting are, click on the arrow next to the procedure and the pop out screen will show speed and power settings. There are lots of knowledgeable people on the forum, but we need more information from you in order to be helpful.

My problem is with the Glowforge interface.

As I’m in France, I can’t buy proofgrade material (shipping is too much expensive). So I use only non proofgrade material. The Glowforge interface allow to save presets. So for each material, I saved presets (like for 3mm MDF, I use 160 speed and 100 power with only 1 cut).

This morning, all the presets are missing. They have dissappear. I tried to save new ones (as I get the parameters written in a notebook), but it doesn’t work. It’s a pity because using this kind of presets make me gain a lot of time.

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This is just a random guess, but have you tried using a different browser? And do you have any plugins, ad blockers, or other content blockers? I have had strange things happen to the interface when my ad blocker prevented important parts of Javascript from loading.


This problem is way above my knowledge and like others suggest, it may be the browser or something the Glowforge team is going to have to discuss with you. I’m sorry I was no help. I agree the presets save lots of time as my notebook is tattered and filled with settings I can’t always find quickly. Good luck.

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Hi, Alexis.

You might go to and post the results here.

Also, you might post a couple of screenshots to show what the interface looks like

Hi i have the same problem Have you fix it?

Any chance you’ve got more than 1 email address with GF? I bought under one, but use a 2nd, and the pre-sets are specific to login…


The problem has just been corrected this morning. I did nothing.
@federicoa is it also ok for you ?

The tries to save new presets yesterday doesn’t work.
But all the one I made before came back …

And thanks all for your time and ideas.

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If you don’t enter a material height, there won’t be any settings showing.

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Thanks for the answer @personname, that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!