Saved projects are sometimes old

When I print a project, then click home and then select the project I just printed, it sometimes has reverted to a previous state.

The previous state lacks changes to position and fees and speeds that were definitely used (I can see the printed object)

This means I can’t do an over cut without repositioning by eye (which doesn’t work out well for me), and I can’t refer back to that projects settings when I want to do a new one,

What expectations should I have for a project keeping changes I make to it as I go to home and back?

As of this moment the settings are not saved with the project…you have to reenter them each time you go back to the project from the home screen. Until this is implemented, I just have gotten into the habit of taking good notes.

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Okay I guess I’ll take good notes and wait.

But: feature request: glowforge should keep a journal of cuts with final bed photographs.

This would replace or augment my notes and allow a great previous result to be replicated worry free. (By allowing a journalled cut to be opened as a project).

The journal could be based upon the project interface (as in a view to expose versions “committed” to print) or a separate view showing the history of fun.


Pretty sure @Dan has said they do take a picture after the print is done along with a number of other things that I/we don’t know about.

Thanks @jjmacdougall, that’s right.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll share it with the team.