Saving and reusing the project over and over with same settings on same material

Hi everyone, I am completely new to this and I have a simple question.
I have a hand drawn art which I usually cut with my band saw and wood burn(multiple of them). And I wanted to automate and ordered a glowforge which is yet to be delivered.

My question is… Can I upload the picture which I want to cut and engrave, save it as a project and re use it over and over again with similar settings on the same material every time(1/4" maple plywood)? No changes in size or material, just repeat it over and over again when ever I need it?
Do I need premium subscription to do this or can I create this project during my premium trail period and use it later?

Yes to saving the project. No to fully automated repeat prints. You can save settings for your preferred material, but you will need to select your material and saved settings for each cut.


I recommend a program like inkscape to help you design/alter your own projects. It’s free and works very well with the glowforge. It takes a little to get the hang of but well worth the effort.

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Yes to save (it’s actually automatic), no you don’t need premium :slight_smile:


For this you need vectors to cut an outline. I use Gimp (which is also free) to create those lines, as well as modifying photos. You can load the images into Inkscape but there is very limited modifications of the images. If you wish to freehand what you did with the wood burning then Gimp is the way to go.

Inkscape is best for finishing a project and adding any extra vector lines, but I think you will find Gimp best for creating the original art, whether you scan in sketches, or work directly.

Both programs are free of monetary expense, but both will take some time and attention to get the hang of, but the payoff gets better in each thing you learn about them.

P.S. You do not need a Glowforge to download and learn both programs and the best time is soonest to do so to be ready when the Glowforge arrives.


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