Saving Files in GF

I have no idea, now. It was apparently one of those things where stupid users can outsmart even the most meticulous software designers. :wink:


Nope I didn’t I got tired of keep trying to explain where was it being stored no worries. It’s all explained now.


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GF needs an app like Cricuts designspace , it’s really easy to design and edit your projects , I am just trying to figure out to import them to GF or inkscape.

Files need to be converted to an SVG format (or PDF). Then just drag and drop them onto the Dashboard or an open file in the Glowforge interface.

Actually they don’t Cricut’s DS is antiquated. You can’t do real designs in it. And you can’t save them and use elsewhere. You can only use Cricuts designs in Cricut. Someone posted a way on FB but I haven’t explored it yet.

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In fact GF is even more antiquated than Cricut Your editing capabilities are limited. But it does not have an interface for designing.

Antiquated seems unfair. It’s like comparing apples to tic tacs. GF has always been upfront that they’re NOT providing design software. It’s “communicate with the laser” software.

If you’ve ever tried the driver/interfaces for the similar sized chinese lasers or Full Spectrum desktop the GFUI looks miles more advanced.


It’s my opinion. I don’t know anything what was said prior. All software should have some basic capabilities inside of it. Ok keep ownership of it — which on my OPINION is still antiquated. But give people the ability for better resizing capabilities, offsets, insets, and other basics. The way it is you gotta go out of the software, make the change, resale it, re upload it… get it back on the mat … that’s a lot of steps. Hey to you or others they are ok with it. I’m ok with it but it does become time consuming and annoying. But I will deal again it’s my opinion.

I think you’ve missed my point but, glad you’re having fun with your GF.


Welcome to the forum. The Glowforge software is not a design program, doesn’t pretend to be and doesn’t need to be. Just like your regular printer does not allow you to change the spelling of words in your document or reformat your paragraphs, the Glowforge does not alter your design by allowing insets, offsets or other alterations. I don’t think this is antiquated.


Again… I know that but its my opinion it should have other features…

My HP LaserJet Color laser printer is pretty antiquated too. It only gives me a bogus app to cancel jobs or order supplies. There’s not even any basic design features so I could change the colors that are printing or add other artwork to a page.

HP sucks!


Just my opinion of course.


I consider the GF UI to be little more than a glorified printer driver with the ability to combine and manipulate objects on the page. I just needs to be separate as there are too many material-specific options that design software can’t incorporate.

I don’t have experience with other lasers, but I do with 3D printers and CNC routers - neither of which have as elaborate interfaces. They mostly depend on a single output file (similar to SVG for laser) with only basic placement and manipulation thru 3rd-party apps, not something they provide.


Welcome @curvygirlsarechic! I’m really glad to have you on the forum - there’s so much wisdom here. And sure, a healthy dose of opinions to go with it. :slight_smile:

Your explanation of what you were expecting was really helpful. We’re always looking for ways to make our software better, so I appreciate the perspective.

Hi Dan and thanks for recognizing what I am saying… You are correct there is a ton of wisdom here and I am grateful! Healthy dose of opinions indeed LOL

I am in no way trying to make this design software but just additional features of the Interface if you need to make changes after you import instead of going back and forth.

One other additional thing that would be useful the ability to pause during the print and lift the door without it cancelling your print. If you search my name you will see I had an issue with a piece of leather that moved during the print. It got down to the final cut and because it moved ruined my whole piece :frowning: .

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I saw that post - the wallet design from the catalog, right? That was definitely a bummer. I personally would love the ‘pause then open’ feature - I’ll make sure it goes into the hopper for consideration.


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