Saving multiple settings as one settings group?

Hi, I have a single item I’m making that involves one engrave and two cuts with each cut being a different speed and power (see pic).

I’d like to save these three specific settings that are all used on the same item as a “group” of settings so that I can simply click on it when it’s time to make this item (which I will be making many of) without having to manually enter each setting, or load three separate settings. Can this be done? Am I missing an obvious solution for this? Thanks


We don’t have that ability yet. Best we can do at this point is use a different description when saving the Custom Setting for the material…for instance Medium PG Leather Cut (slow), or Medium PG Leather Cut (fast).

That helps differentiate them when you have a part of the design that you want to cut at a slower speed if it’s more complex.


How does the Export function handle this. Could he Export it and then just reupload that file?


Funny you should ask…I just did an Export on a similar file last night (normally I save all the Custom settings if I think I’m going to need them again, but for some reason I hadn’t saved them on that particular test file) and I got a warning message to save my Custom Settings before Exporting, in order to keep from having to re-enter them.

That must be new, (or our friendly Glowforge elves have been busy behind the scenes again), because I don’t remember seeing that before. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Thanks, @Jules, that’s correct. We haven’t announced the ability to save settings as a group yet, but it’s a great idea for a feature! I’m going to send it to our product team with a note that it came from a customer request.

In the meantime, you can find detailed instructions on saving your settings under “Testing and Saving New Settings” here:

In addition, when you export a design, your settings will be added to the saved file as readable text, too. That means when you’re ready to print it again, you can re-enter the settings from the file. This works for both Proofgrade materials and for manual settings you’ve tuned yourself.

There’s more information on exporting and saving your designs here: