Saving / Uploading SVG file from Adobe Illustrator with Text

Im not sure if I am posting this in the right spot. I am trying to make a simple keychain that has a persons name on it. I am using adobe illustrator CC. When I try to upload I keep getting an error message that says Glowforge doesn’t support text and to embed the paths. Regardless of what options I choose when saving I can’t seem to figure out how to do this. What options do I need to select to save a file that has text in it so that the Glowforge will not remove the text? Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Glowforge can’t do text yet, so you need to convert them

In illustrator, highlight your text, select “type” up top, then scroll down to convert to outline. Then you can save it, and glowforge will be able work with it.


You can also right click with the selection tool and from the dropdown select create outlines. Something to keep in mind, is when doing this if your font is a cursive style, or has overlapping elements, you’ll want to go to the pathfinder tool and merge the paths. The GFUI tends to ignore any overlapping paths and will leaves those areas blank, or double engrave depending on how the file is set up.


You can save as a PDF and the fonts will work without converting.


I’d suggest you watch this video to help you setup AI.

Here is another one that shows his full work flow.

Both of these video’s by @chris1 do a great job of teaching new users.


Thank you all for this it was a HUGE help.

Thank you everyone for the great help!