Saving your created projects

Ive done all of my settings and I dont want to loose my project in case I want to print again. what’s the easiest way to save it from the creation screen. I know there’s a link that shows past prints but eventually those get deleted. please help and thank you in advance!

Press the 3 dots on the GUI and select export design. It will save your design along with the settings to your computer. reload the design the next time you want to run it.


You can also save your entire project with the settings by going to the same three dots at the top and using “export design”.

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Thanks for the answer @kittski and @wilsonpf , that’s right.

You can export your designs from the Glowforge app and save them to the cloud or on your computer to use in the future. Here are the detailed steps:

To export and save a design

  1. Go to and sign in.

  2. On the Dashboard, point to or touch the design you want to save and click Open.

  3. Click the 3 dot More menu, select Export Design, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

When you export designs, the exported file includes any designs that you uploaded, images that you traced, and any artwork and graphics that you inserted using the Premium Creative tools.

If you export catalog-based designs, those exports will include any of your own added artwork, but not the original catalog design.

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