Saw this GF ad on YouTube (Flasks)

I agree and I was pleased to see non PF products being used, but clearly you can’t please everyone.

“GF makes it appear you can only use PF materiel and it’s misleading. They are just being greedy and only promoting their material!”
(GF puts out video showing non PF material.)
“I can’t believe GF shows non PF material in their commercial and doesn’t support it!” :woman_facepalming:


Perhaps not everything, but at least flasks. How do we answer this question? From a marketing standpoint? From a logistics standpoint? From a HR standpoint?

I think each domain would have a different answer. That Glowforge can be perceived as over promising is part of the equation.

Always that lag between marketing and logistics. It’s fair to point out that Glowforge is putting videos out that don’t have Proofgrade.

And where’s the drone that shoots rubber bands?

And come to think of it, there aren’t a whole lot of designs in the catalog to choose from when you think of it now that I have looked at it for the first time in six months.

At least the gallery allows posting non-Proofgrade material projects.


do other laser cutter companies give you links to materials? not that i’ve seen. they don’t even sell you any.

i’ll totally buy the argument that there should be a much more robust library of starting points for common materials. and maybe they will eventually get there. other laser cutter vendors who’ve been in business longer do.

but there are literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of sources to get anodized/coated flasks. no reason GF should pick one out to link people to because it was in a promo video.


I want to know where I can find the sexy lady in the Jaguar commercials so she can come ride with me :wink: They owe me her name & #! :pouting_man:


Exactly. There’s a huge difference between not living up to the promise of GF projects (which they haven’t) and providing links to outside material that GF doesn’t have any control over.


Especially since glowforge does not run without a connection to the ‘net.


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