Saying goodbye to my window insert

I’ve been 'Forging since 2019, which still makes me a newbie among the regulars here. Since 2019, I’ve been using this window insert, made on the Glowforge from some PG acrylic and a plastic dryer vent, to vent my machine. Those louvres used to be white…

I recently bought a new house that has a large room made from a converted attic above the garage, which has become my new home workshop. Two of the room’s walls have access to a bit of space under the roof on either side of the room, which made a perfect place to relocate my inline fan and ducting.

I replaced what was a soffit vent for cooling that attic space with a laser cut insert. The laser fumes now blow out those two circular openings under the eave of the roof.

On the inside, I 3D printed some twist-lock hose flanges to pass the hoses from the laser through the wall.

I did two sets of everything as the new bigger workspace means I can add a bunch of new equipment I’d been wanting but didn’t have space for in the other house. A second laser arrives next week, and I already have two new large format printers, a 3D printer, and a large swing-away heat press.

Still on the todo list is getting an electrician to run another circuit or two up here. I have too much for the 15 amp circuit the whole room is on, so am running the heat press on a long (10/3 gauge) extension cord from an outlet in the garage downstairs for now.

I also got to turn on a new solar panel system this week, so running all this junk isn’t running up the power bill.

All made possible by the Glowforge itself. The new house, the solar panels, the workshop full of cool equipment… none of that would’ve happened without the money from the little Etsy shop I started after buying that Glowforge in 2019.


Congrats on your Glowforge success and the new workspace. Bigger and better things ahead.


Spectacular results. I’d say!


Movin’ on up! Congrats on the new place. :slight_smile:


This whole setup looks fantastic. You must be very pleased with all of that…plus, new toys! Yay all around!


Looks like you’ve carved out a great work area! Awesome!


Congratulations on the new home! Looks like the wife is appreciating it also, judging by the sign language.


That’s inspiring! Congrats on the new space!


Spectacular wins all around. Congrats on your successes.


Congratulations! What fun to have a new house and be able to rearrange your work area to make you even more productive! Now what new toys did you get your wife? Hmm??? :smile:


Not to worry, we’re both crafty and have our own work spaces! She’s built her own home studio to do glass cutting, polishing, tumbling, soldering and fusing. She’s making stained glass, sea glass and glass beads. A lot of it ends up in really neat thematic wind chimes among other things.


That’s terrific! I knew a lady who did stained glass - a lot of work, but sure is beautiful! Love this windchime of your wife’s!


Congrats on the new home and your business success! Your wife’s work is beautiful. Does she sell on Etsy too?


Wow, that’s more than a little success with the Etsy store - congrats! The new workspace looks fantastic!


WOWZA! Awesome new set up and home and forging success! What’s your shop on Etsy? Would love to check it out! So inspiring.