Says ready but button never lights up

Just now received the unit. I have unpacked per instructions. I have done the first time setup and its connected to the app. I open the ruler project and try to print with a piece of the proofgrade wood inserted. The bar at the top shows the unit is ready and the photo refreshes as expected when I open the unit and move the material around. When I click print, I get the popup telling me its scanning and preparing. The head moves over the material. I get to the window showing estimated print times and then it flashes away and the button never lights. I’ve tried this from 3 different PCs, 2 linux and one windows. Firefox and chrome from each. Nothing works.

Have you tried pushing the button? Maybe a bad LED.

Yes. It does nothing.
It did light up the appropriate color for setup and glows white at power up when calibrating. I have restarted is several times without effect.

After experiencing the same behavior another 50 times, I reran the setup and connected to a very fast, wide open 4G hotspot to rule out connectivity issues. I get exactly the same behavior.

Bummer… Hopefully they can resolve this quickly for you.

Tired it from a phone and tablet as well. Same behavior. I get no error messages of any kind. The GF continues to show as online. When I move the material the camera image updates promptly.

Its a shame they don’t provide a bit more debug info if their support response is going to be this anemic.

Wow, those snarky trolls are really effective. I get you’re disappointed, but do you really think that’s the way to get help?

In the meantime, have you gone through the troubleshooting guide at

Best of luck and have fun!

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We are working hard to ensure you’re able to create amazing things with your Glowforge. We’re so sorry you’ve run into trouble and we’re here to fix it. Unfortunately, we’ve found that your unit has a problem that we can’t solve remotely so I recommend that we make a warranty replacement.

Since you’ve already emailed us I’m going to close this thread and we’ll follow up with you in email with details about the warranty process.